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Case Study

Craigslist redesign

Craigslist is one of the most widely used platforms for selling used goods in the world. However, it lacks modern visual design, mobile design, and a reputation system to establish trust among users.

Here is the original design:



The Challenge

Overhaul the current visual design

Market research indicates that users are switching from Craigslist to services like OfferUp and Oodle due to ease of use and trust indicators.

Increase mobile traffic.

Redesign the website and create an app using mobile-first design principles.


I analyzed the old version and compared to competing sites.

On the landing page there is no clear call to action or any ads to immediately engage the user.



I researched.

Referencing sites such as Pinterest (for layout) and Domino's Pizza (for checkout flow), I adapted aspects of these experiences to the design.

Pinterest displays pictures in an orderly and easily scannable manner.

Domino’s Pizza has a floating widget that scrolls along with the user to display their selections as they continue to shop for the order. I thought this concept would work well for persistent navigation while users scrolled through Craigslist postings.


I created a persona based on the most frequent mobile shoppers.

I created the persona of "Nycole" based on the average shopper that represents the most potential for growth, women in their mid-twenties (According to "Marketing to Women: How to Increase Your Share of the World's Largest Market," Marti Barletta, 2014):

a. Women make 53% of all investment decisions.
b. Women make 55% of all consumer electronic purchases.
c. Women make 60% of all home improvements buyers; 80% of all home improvement decisions.
d. Women make 60+% of all new car purchases.
e. Women make 66% of all new computer purchases.


I sketched.

I brainstormed on paper and quickly sketched a proof of concept to test the layout.


I made wireframes for all key interactions.

I simplified the original Craigslist navigation options to a more glanceable number of categories, moving the other options to sub-navbars. The result was a greatly reduced list of options, along with current ads displayed on page-load.


I designed visuals.

The layout of the site was designed to be easily scaled down for mobile and tablets.


Nav widget ideation

Wireframe and Color Mock-Up


Nav widget interaction mockup

This graphic indicates how the left navigation menu scrolls with the User's view of the ads.


Red-line specs

Pixel dimensions


X-Box Mobile E-commerce

The following screens show each step of the purchasing process on my redesign of the Xbox Mobile Store.


I made a menu that displays a limited number of categories, sub-categories expand on tap.


The search field remains hidden until the search icon has been tapped.


Here is an example of how search suggestions are displayed.


Search results are displayed as thumbnails.


Product page has a splash image and a very clear call to action on purchase.


Shopping cart slides down so the User can check their cart without having to navigate to a different page.



Designs for a real estate and vacation rental website.




'Soft skills'

At Google, I was recognized as being very effective at researching how data should be displayed on Google Maps. I was put in charge of leading the Latin America team.

I have the personal philosophy that all knowledge is power and try to learn as much as I can all the time. I maintain the energy and focus to always be practicing my skills by meditating and doing yoga.




A quick impression of my other interests.

For recreation and personal empowerment, I’ve held a steady mixed martial arts practice for the past 5 years, including Wing Chun, Kali, and Kendo.

My other passions include singing and playing the guitar or the piano. Recently I have begun to experiment with electronic music production.

When I just need to unwind I like to play games on my Xbox.